The Seraphim Center

Providing spirituality services since 1998.

Achieve Spiritual Fulfillment in Gainesville, FL

We offer metaphysical services to aid you in this life.

At The Seraphim Center, we also provide a range of counseling and metaphysical services for the purpose of spiritual fulfillment in Gainesville, FL. Psychic readings, past-life regressions, and all other alternative ways of learning about oneself offer members the spiritual help they need to lead better, more fulfilling lives.

Referrals for private sessions are available, so contact us to be referred for any of the services below by appointment only:


Performed by a Reiki Master, this alternative form of medicine helps to alleviate stress, remove obstacles to the flow of energy so that you can experience healing and relaxation.

Psychic Readings

Psychic readings may assist you in making choices in your life path, and to assist you in being in touch with your own spiritual guidance. As well as address other important aspects of life.

Medium Readings

Medium readings allow you to communicate with loved ones who have passed on. Loved ones may include friends, parents, and anyone else you care to communicate with who has passed on into the next life. Through a medium, you’re able to talk to your parents, old friends, and anyone else who has passed on into the next life.

Past-Life Regressions

Past-life regressions put you in a relaxed state, allowing for resonance with past-life moments. You can always come out of it if you’re uncomfortable. Under the guidance of a hypnotherapist or other professional, you are asked to “key” into a particular theme from a past life that has relevance to your current life. We feel that spirit guides these regressions and reveals what is relevant for each person to understand.

Mental Health Counseling

We have a licensed mental health counselor available who provides counseling services. These services would include body awareness, stress anxiety, and many other issues.

Person Watching Sunrise

Native American Readings and Healings

The healing practitioner is a Native American with many years of study and experience. He is adept in the knowledge and practices that have been handed down by Native Americans for generations.

Archangelic Readings

Channelers Anne and Tom Hanna, channel Archangel Auran to help with broad life questions concerning purpose and our lives in this universe.